Law Office of Terri Wood

Areas of Expertise


While Ms. Wood has defended cases involving most types of felonies and misdemeanors in the state and federal courts, she focuses on defending major felony crimes, including all federal felonies and Oregon Measure 11 crimes, and misdemeanor sex and domestic violence offenses.

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Defense of State Felony Offenses

Attorney Terri Wood has extensive experience in the defense of all violent crimes including aggravated murder, murder, manslaughter, assault, robbery, rape, sodomy, kidnapping, and child sex abuse.

Ms. Wood also has defended numerous property crime cases, including burglaries, thefts, frauds, and forgeries; crimes against the administration of justice, including resisting arrest, escape, and hindering prosecution; and drug and firearms offenses.

Defense of Federal Crimes

Ms. Wood has extensive experience defending drug trafficking and conspiracy cases, as well as Armed Career Criminal and other firearm prosecutions, bank robberies, child pornography, tax evasion, mortgage fraud, and other white collar fraud offenses.

Common Defenses

Ms. Wood has experience litigating claims of self-defense, false confession, mental defenses including insanity, mistaken identity, false memories, battered spouse, voluntary intoxication, justification and consent, and illegal search and seizure.

She is knowledgeable in the forensic sciences used in the prosecution and defense of many felonies, including pathology, trace evidence, DNA, ballistics, crime scene reconstruction, criminal profiling, fingerprint comparisons, voiceprint comparisons, and handwriting analysis.

Pre-inditement Representation

Ms. Wood is experienced in representing persons before state and federal grand juries, and in representing persons accused of crimes, before formal charges are filed, in efforts to avoid state or federal prosecution or to obtain reduced charges. She has successfully represented law enforcement officers, attorneys, and other citizens under investigation for crimes to avoid prosecution.

Sentencing Mitigation

From her state death penalty cases and federal practice, Ms. Wood has extensive experience in the development of mitigating evidence and arguments for reduced sentences. She has worked with many experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and other counseling professions, and has supervised mitigation investigators.

“We see an economy that makes stocks soar, investor portfolios bulge, and corporate profits climb, but fails to give workers their fair share of the reward. A government that struggles to keep itself open. . . A Justice Department rolling back civil rights by the day. . . Bullets tearing through our classrooms, concerts, and congregations, targeting our safest, sacred places. . . And this nagging, sinking feeling, no matter your political beliefs, that this is not right. This is not who we are.”

~ Joe Kennedy (Jan. 30, 2018)

Geographical Practice Areas: Attorney Terri Wood has over 30 years of experience fighting for the rights of clients accused of crimes. Her practice is exclusively, 100% criminal defense. Attorney Wood represents criminal defendants charged in Oregon’s federal, state, and municipal courts, and persons under investigation for crimes. Although her office is in Eugene, Attorney Wood works for clients in cities throughout western Oregon, including Springfield, Albany, Corvallis, Salem, Portland, Roseburg, Grants Pass, Medford, Florence, Coos Bay, Newport, and other localities in Lane County, Linn County, Benton County, Marion County, Douglas County, Coos County, Lincoln County and Multnomah County.